About Senshido Europe


So much has happened over the last 25 years or so, things have, and will continue to evolve. We could probably rewrite the “about us” yearly. At Senshido Europe we believe what we do has to be kept “alive”, living, breathing and adapting to the modern environment. Our forays into understanding violence are done honestly and very lucidly. The fruit of that exploration is a teachable understanding of violence and its motivations. This allows our students to actually disrupt patterns leading to actual conflict, therefore avoiding violence. However, we also teach that with the same knowledge, we can, if we have to, create a favourable tactical environment to dominate an altercation gone physical quickly and effectively allowing the student to get somewhere safe.  All our concepts, tactical and physical are the product of experimentation.


Our team is constituted of instructors who were mentored over a long period, assisting at seminars and classes, studying, training and teaching in their community. No one can buy an instructorship. Most of our instructors are pillars in their community and have full time employment.  They don’t teach for wealth and/or recognition, they teach to make a difference in their community and empower the people they come in contact with. We teach in backyards homes, fields, basements, cars… and we will take the client to locations where we can run simulations pertinent to his/her lifestyle or his/her job.  No equipment required.


Senshido, as opposed to other very good programs out there, is essentially limitless. Our oldest instructors still perceive themselves as students and because of that, stay true to the philosophy taught to us by Richard Dimitri.