Welcome to Senshido Europe

  ‘In the ring you win,on the streets you survive’.

Senshido Europe is the official coalition of European Senshido instructors, both male and female with training facilities and operations in Germany, Finland, Belgium, and Ireland.

The collective goal is to provide clients with the very best, scientifically supported, realistic self-defence available – creating survivors. Empowerment comes from our world-renown training methodologies and the development of each individual comes from the heartfelt care and empathy that each Senshido instructor provides.

Our team members come from many backgrounds, from law enforcement, military and the private security industry, each instructor brings with him many years of experiences dealing in Real world violent confrontations. These experiences have been one of the pillars in which our teachings have been founded in order to bring your training to the next level.

Decades of Real-World experience from the very best in the business on surviving and dealing with violence, proven sciences of tactical de-escalation and communicative strategies, proven awareness strategies to enhance overall personal safety and wellbeing, and world-renowned physical tactics that can be applicable to anyone, despite gender, size or age that have empowered and saved hundreds of thousands of lives around the world from suffering violence.

Experience.. Proven Tactics.. Proven Sciences.. And a passion unparalleled to help you reach your family safely.

This is but a taste of what Senshido Europe has to offer!
Senshido Europe conducts local, national and international consultations, seminars, lectures and workshops.

If you, your club or organisation are curious about Senshido or you are interested in hosting a seminar or course you can contact any of the European team by going to the Instructors page.

We are available as individual instructors and also as a team to facilitate our clients needs anywhere in the world.